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Project Description
A stsadm command to automate the support of pdf file (or any other extension) in a SharePoint Farm (not limited to a single-server).
It deploys an icon and update the Office Search/WSS Search Servers.


* This takes care whether Office Search (including MSSX, the free version) or WSS Search is used.
* Not limited to pdf file extension.
* Ensure the iFilter product is installed on the indexing server (otherwise add an entry in the SharePoint Logs and in the stsadm console).
* Deploy the icon on all the Web Front-End servers.
* Built-in support for PDF and accepts Foxit PDF Filter, Adobe (search for 64-bit and fallback to 32-bit), PDFlib TET Filter or another you specified yourself.
* If any changes are detected, it will restart the search service (Office Search or WSS Search).

How to install:

Open a console and type:
stsadm -o addsolution -filename spnotesforsearchfilter.wsp
stsadm -o deploysolution -name spnotesforsearchfilter.wsp -allowgacdeployment -immediate


Add "pdf" file extension and add the built-in icon file (ICPDF.GIF). Register Foxit (specify "Foxit", "Adobe" or "PDFlib") as the filter used to crawls the pdf file.

stsadm -o searchfilter -ext pdf -filter Adobe –icon

Add "pdf" file extension and deploy the specified icon on the front-ends. Register PDFlib as the filter used to crawls the pdf file.

stsadm -o searchfilter -ext pdf -filter PDFlib –iconfile "C:\Temp\icpdf.gif"

Add "dwf" file extension (Autodesk Design Web Format), deploy the specified icon file on all the front-ends, use the specified mime type and register the specified filter (the CLASSID of the product, here I use DWF iFilter).

stsadm -o searchfilter -ext dwf –iconfile "C:\Temp\icdwf.gif"
  -mime application/dwf,application/x-dwf,drawing/x-dwf,image/vnd.dwf,image/x-dwf
  -filter {D4AA3B39-7393-4A19-A4B5-2749DB0F4ECB}

Add "msg" file extension and lets the program find the filter and the mime type to use (works only if at least one of your indexing servers has installed a filter).

stsadm -o searchfilter –ext msg

Oh by the way, did I tell you which PDF Filter is the better? Takes a look for a comparison:

Test bench with SharePoint 2010


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